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Cloud Web Development Course Introduction

The goal of the Cloud Web Devlopment Course is to expose students to various web and cloud development technologies over a 3 day period.

Students will be writing code, creating infrastructure, resolving errors and integrating technologies such as HubSpot CRM.

Students will be given tasks to deploy an application that displays a webpage containing the student’s resume information to the user of this application.

The students will be exposed to the following

  • Version Control with Git and GitHub
  • Java Development with Spring Boot
  • Containerization with Docker
  • Container Management with Kubernetes
  • Cluster Creation with VMware Tanzu Community Edition (TCE)

Note: TCE is an opensource kubernetes deployment and management tool from VMware. Explore the TCE website to learn more.

Course Schedule

Milestone 1: Course 1 “Do”

Students will be introduced to the project and course materials, setup their computers with the tools to enable coding and deployment of their website.

  • Introduction to Version Control with GitHub
  • Introduction to coding using HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to website deployment with GitHub Pages

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will have a Github Account & Repository
  • Students will create and personalize a publicly accessible website
  • Students will be familiar with Git commands for interacting with repositories

Milestone 2: Course 2 “Understand”

Students will be introduced to foundational concepts of containers and container orchestrators. The goal of this course is to provide students with exposure to cloud environments and devops concepts utilizing Tanzu Community Edition as the container orchestrator.

  • Introduction to Containerization of Applications with Docker
  • Introduction to Image storage with GitHub Container Registry
  • Introduction to Orchestration of Kubernetes clusters with Tanzu Community Edition
  • Introduction to Image Deployment Processes with Docker & Tanzu Community Edition
  • Exploration of Docker & Kubernetes objects

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will have a stored image of your containerized resume application in Github Container Registry
  • Students will have an understanding of foundational Containers, Kubernetes, and Tanzu concepts
  • Students will have a local installation of Tanzu Kubernetes Community Edition
  • Students will have a process to deploy their application in order to continue exploration after the course has ended

Milestone 3: Course 3 “Integrate”

Students will integrate their resume website with HubSpot marketing platform to collect statistics and other services to improve their website’s user experience.

  • Introduction to HubSpot CRM Website Marketing Tools

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will have a HubSpot Form embedded on their GitHub website
  • Students will be able to track website interactions using HubSpot CRM Website Analytics Dashboard Template